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        Medical instruments

        Medical instruments

        Medical equipment bearings are S694ZZ, S623ZZ, S682ZZ, S684ZZ, SMR106ZZ, 6900-2RS, 6200-SRS, etc., mainly used in medical respirators, minimally invasive medical equipment, ultrapure water equipment, medical imaging equipment, physiotherapy analysis, etc. The bearings of medical equipment manufactured by High Precision Miniature Bearing Auto Machine. are made of 440C material, mixed ceramic material or coated material. Taking into account the hospital's medical environment, our company generally uses non-polluting grease or oil-free drying process to keep the equipment clean and ensure safety and reliability.

        Medical instruments

        In the key parts of medical equipment, we consider the life cycle of the equipment, and special treatment of the bearing. The safety and reliability of the medical equipment is a matter of life and death. Bearings supplied by FRC Small Bearing Co., Ltd. are fully capable of meeting the requirements for the use of equipment components and assemblies.

        Operator and patient comfort is paramount in medical equipment. FreeRun Bearing takes into account the lower height of medical equipment imaging and treatment table contraction, easy control of equipment movement, and low noise operation. It has high requirements for noise control of bearings produced by our company. Inspection, imaging techniques and patient positioning to achieve precise positioning. Silent operation and absolute reliability guarantee the efficient function of the equipment.

        As a key component of medical equipment, especially high-precision, high-quality, high-performance precision bearings are necessary for the medical industry. Today, many high-end medical equipments are imported from abroad, and with the development of FRC bearings Investing in the high-end medical devices has gradually gained an alternative strength, and has further cooperation with some well-known medical equipment manufacturers.