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        About Us

        What we manufacturing:

        FreeRun Bearing Co.,Ltd was specialized in exporting and producing miniature bearings made of fully hardned rolling bearing steel,Ceramic and carbon.The standard Range covers bearing from 1 to 18mm bore and 3 to 45 mm outer diameter. In addition to this we also manufacture special bearings regarding to customers' design.

        Founded in 2010, it is located in the Fuzhou City. It has a main area to producing miniature ball bearings in china. Including chrome steel bearing,Stainless Steel Bearing,Thrust Ball Bearing,Needle Bearing,Ceramic Bearings,Flange Bearing,Plastic Bearing dental bearing,thin section bearing etc. Its automatic bearing production lines are of most advanced level both home and abroad, and produces 15,000,000 pieces of bearing annually.  

        FreeRun Bearing

        Our Mission:

        Our mission is supplying OEMs with bearings and components of consistent quality, in the production lot quantities you need, when you need them. We can help you decrease production costs, increase efficiencies and get the best possible price.

        FreeRun Bearing has been developing and manufacturing high precision ball bearing for Electrical engineering, small motor, Dental drill,Rc model, fishing reel, Floppy disk Motor, Video ,Stepping motor….. various Hi-tec fields.We have motor bearing,Rc car & Trucks ball bearing,Rc micro heli bearing,YoYo bearing,Rc engine bearing,Fishing reel bearing,Bicycle bearing,ATV ball bearing,Jewelry bearing,Motorcycle bearing,Auto wheel bearing,Mobile bearing,skate bearing,Slot car Bearing,motor bearing,Dental bearing,Skateboad bearing,clock bearing,domestic appliance bearing,bakery bearing,optical or surgical instrument bearing,aircraft bearing,disc driver bearing,fan motor bearing,gear box bearing.Quality Guarantee.

        Our miniature ball bearing are made with rolling bearing tolerance according to GB/T307.1︳ISO 492︳JIS B1514︳AFBMA STD.20︳DIN620 in conformance with the respecitve ISO standards.

        Our quality staff, are specialists in their field and have a reputation for quality and reliability throughout the world among customers and other bearing manufacturers. and we inspected all bearing before packing.

        We carry a large range of bearings to fit many makes and models of applications. We have around 4,250,000 bearings and 254,000 sets of bearings kits stocked at any time. We do not need mini order for stocked bearings with lowest.